Top 5 Ways to Sell Innovation

You built a better home—energy efficient, environmentally friendly, durable, disaster resistant—all for competitive price. Now how do you sell it?

Of course, even a product with all of these virtues doesn’t sell itself. It may well take just as much creativity, enthusiasm, and effort to sell a high-performance house as it would to sell ice to Alaskans, but the efforts will pay off for your reputation and long-term success.

PATH’s Consumer Education Working Group has identified four key benefits of meeting PATH goals that customers care about: cost, health, durability, and comfort.

PATH’s Consumer Education Working Group, composed of homebuilders, real estate agents, product manufacturers, academics, and other industry leaders, are collecting studies of homebuyers’ market preferences, analyzing how to market high-performance homes to consumers, and developing pilot programs to aid that process. In the meantime, builders and real estate agents around the country already are profiting from selling homes that meet many of PATH’s goals. Based on the experience of experts and practitioners, below are five keys to selling greener, stronger homes to consumers.


Top 5 Ways to Sell Innovation
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