Big Changes Underway
in Whole-House Re-Piping Market

November 15, 2016

Big Changes Underway in Whole-House Re-Piping Market

Home Innovation Research Labs has been tracking hot and cold water piping installations in new homes for nearly two decades. In short, Copper has fallen from the dominant #1 position to a very distant #3, while PEX has grown rapidly from the #3 position to leading this market by more than double the share of any other material. Two decades ago, CPVC was at the #2 position and has generally there with only some minor growth along the way. But what about plumbing piping installations in existing homes, as part of remodeling projects, or as whole-house water pipe replacements?

According to our Builder Practices and Consumer Practices Reports, on an annual basis, the market for water piping installation in existing homes is roughly the same size as installations in new homes. In existing homes, new water piping is commonly installed to replace individual failed lines, to re-route plumbing lines, for supply lines to new faucet or bath locations, or as a whole-house replacement for a system that is no longer reliable or safe to use.

Not surprisingly, CPVC is the most popular water pipe for both partial and whole-home replacements. Looking at the past three years, market shares and growth and decline trajectories of CPVC, Copper, PEX, and Galvanized Steel vary considerably depending on whether it was a whole-house or partial-plumbing installation.

With partial plumbing replacements or lines to new fixtures, CPVC is on a moderate decline with PEX picking up the lost share. Copper and Galvanized Steel shares are fairly flat.

Piping Installations to New Fixtures or Partial Replacements in Existing U.S. Homes

However, the picture looks much different with whole-house replacements. PEX, while still in the #3 position, is on a growth trajectory, while CPVC is declining. Interestingly, falling copper prices between 2013 and 2015 seem to have arrested its long-term decline or allowed a mild rebound.

Whole-House Plumbing Piping Replacements in U.S. Homes

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