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Our reports can help you position your building products in today’s changing markets.

The End of Business as Usual

April 1, 2014

Today’s housing market presents builders and remodelers with lots of changes. More stringent energy codes. A shortage of skilled labor. Changing consumer preferences. Advanced building science technologies. Rising land and material costs. As a result, builders' and remodelers' practices are changing at a similar pace.

Did you know...

These are just a few of the interesting findings from Home Innovation Research Labs' most recent U.S. Annual Builder and Consumer Practices Reports, which top building product manufacturers have used for more than 20 years to determine market demand and identify trends like these in the building materials market. Our Annual Builder Practices Survey is the most comprehensive source for market demand data on building material purchases available. Our reports are unmatched because they provide demand data as opposed to production data. Each year, Home Innovation conducts an extensive nationwide survey of home builders to document home sizes, designs, styles, and material selections. This information can help you position your products in today’s changing market. The 2012 reports are available for immediate delivery. The 2013 reports will be published May through August, 2014, and are available for pre-purchase.

The Builder Practices Reports cover building products used in new residential construction in the following categories:

Appliances | Bathroom Accessories | Beams & Headers | Cabinets for Kitchen & Bath
Countertops | Deck & Porch Railings | Driveways | Ducts | Exterior Doors | Faucets
Fencing & Landscape Walls | Finish Flooring | Fire Sprinkler Systems | Foundations
Garage Doors | Home Standby Generators | House Wrap & Radiant Barriers
HVAC Systems | Insulation | Interior Doors | Interior Finishes | Outdoor Structures
Patio Doors | Plumbing Fixtures | Radiant Heating Systems | Roofing
Sheathing – Floor, Roof & Wall | Shutters & Exterior Trim | Siding & Exterior Cladding
Soffit & Fascia | Structural Systems – Floor, Roof & Wall | Swimming Pools | Windows

While the structural changes in residential new construction markets have garnered national media attention, the remodeling industry has also undergone dramatic change, as homeowners redefine what homeownership means to them. Manufacturers who have managed to adapt, or even thrive under these conditions, have done so by keeping close watch on this hard-to-predict market. Home Innovation’s Consumer Practices Reports cover the building products used in residential repair and remodeling, and can be paired with the Builder Practices Reports to give you a complete view of the residential construction market, with geographic details available down to the state level. Consumer Practices Reports are available in the following categories:

Appliances | Bathroom Accessories | Cabinets | Countertops | Deck & Porch Railings
Finish Flooring | Garage Doors | Insulation | Interior Doors | Interior Finishes
Outdoor Structures | Patio Doors | Roofing | Sheathing | Shutters & Exterior Trim
Siding & Exterior Cladding | Soffit & Fascia | Structural Systems | Windows

Our off-the-shelf reports are extensive, but not all purchase and product usage data for home building products can be obtained from home builders and consumers. For those instances we also offer custom research studies to determine the market sizes for purchases by trade contractors and other industry professionals. Home Innovation can develop the right-sized strategy for your information needs – and your budget. Depending on the data you're seeking, our custom research studies can range from a five-question mobile weekend survey to a full custom survey.

I am confident that our reports and custom research studies will help you plan your marketing more effectively. Contact me today for a sample report or to discuss a custom research strategy to best suit your needs. I look forward to talking with you.