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With age comes wisdom. Find out how NGBS Green is now an even wiser choice!

NGBS Green: Keys to Success in 2016 and Beyond

January 9, 2017

2016 was a good year for NGBS Green, marked by steady growth. As we head into the new year on the brink of another major program milestone (100,000 NGBS Green Certified homes), it's a good time to reflect on the keys to the market success of green certification and how they will continue to benefit participants going forward.

100% of Consumers Want Independent Green Certification

Is there a market research result more compelling than 100%? No! In a recent NAHB survey, 100% of homebuyers surveyed said the most important feature of a green home is independent certification. Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification delivers affordable, credible, and independent proof of your green claims. It is one of the few things your home can offer that every buyer wants.

Break Out Brand Recognition

In seven years, NGBS Green has matured from a start-up rebel to a market leader. The National Green Building Standard is ANSI-approved as an American National Standard. It is also part of the family of ICC International codes (I-Codes) that form a complete set of comprehensive and coordinated building codes. Last, it is approved as an ASHRAE Standard. This triple designation cements the NGBS as the preeminent green standard for residential construction. Twenty-six states recognize the NGBS for federal low-income housing tax credits in their QAPs. Many additional state and local jurisdictions recognize NGBS Green for various incentives, ranging from density bonuses, to permit fee reductions, to tax credits.

NGBS Green is on the precipice of its 100,000th certified home (94,494 as of 12/30/16), including:

High-Performing Real Estate Transactions

Consumer demand for a product is essential, but it isn’t always enough. Sometimes, market barriers need to be overcome or removed as well – that’s the case with green homes. Significant events to this end in 2016 included:

Certify Once, Benefit Twice

As an above-code program, most builders seek NGBS Green certification to set themselves apart from their competition, deliver a high-performing, superior asset, and appeal to consumer desires. However, several jurisdictions have accepted NGBS Green certification to demonstrate code compliance allowing builders and developers to reap two benefits from the green certification. In a growing list of jurisdictions, including the state of Michigan, Dallas, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia, NGBS Green certification is used to show code compliance. At the same time, the builders can still take advantage of the benefits of green certification for financing, marketing, valuation, and investor purposes. Win. Win.

Find out more about NGBS Green Certified Homes – www.NGBS.com.