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Assistive Multifunctional Cabinetry

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Maximizing Independence: Assistive Multifunctional Cabinetry

The Assistive Multifunctional Cabinet Unit is an assistive technology developed by Home Innovation Research Labs for the VA, allowing minimally impaired Veterans or Servicemembers to extend their independence and remain in their residence longer. Professional caregivers, cabinet manufacturers, and Home Innovation engineers came together as subject matter experts, collaborating to maximize features and uses of this specialized cabinetry.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The benefit of this multifunctional cabinet is found in the reinforced structure, maximized work surface, and storage, which combine to allow daily tasking to be executed quickly in a dedicated area. Units boast integrated features such as lighting and power to minimize clutter and mitigate tripping hazards and risk of falls from electrical cords.


Ultimately, four different unit designs were provided – two desk models with backsplash, and two cabinet models. Each unit offers assistive, support features and provides different functionality for daily tasking. The units can be installed separately or in series design, and either in an existing space (quick install) or with light remodel by removing existing cabinetry. Units can also be customized with the addition of after-market accessories, depending on consumer requirements.