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Georgia-Pacific Oriented Strand Board

Georgia Pacific Oriented Strand Board – Blue Ribbon®, DryGuard®, Home Advantage, and DryMax® Lines

Learn about this product’s features and how its use can help a builder earn points toward NGBS Green certification.

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Take Advantage of New Appraisal Tool for Green Homes

Imagine a buyer expecting you to provide a proposal for a new home without knowing what size or type of home they want you to build. Ridiculous! Impossible! Well, that's not too far off from what often happens in high-performance appraisal requests. Find out how to take full advantage of the "Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum" recently issued by the Appraisal Institute to ensure your appraiser can properly value your NGBS Green Certified home by knowing the details of the construction and the high-performance features.

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