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Ed Hudson, MBA
January 17, 2018

Manufacturer Opportunities to Create Labor Shortage Solutions

Over the past several years of visiting IBS and conducting field and lab research on labor-saving materials, tools, and equipment, Home Innovation market expert Ed Hudson has seen some that have been really successful for the manufacturers who seized on the opportunity. Check out some more of his insights on providing market solutions to the current labor shortage.

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Ed Hudson, MBA
January 12, 2018

Be the Solution: New Product Strategies for Current Construction Labor Shortage

It’s no secret that there is a labor shortage in construction. But every unmet building industry need creates an opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers in that segment of the industry. Over the past several years, Home Innovation Research Labs has conducted dozens of studies on new labor-saving materials, tools, equipment, and installation techniques. Find out things we've learned that can help you be part of the solution for your customers.

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