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Aeroseal® Aerosol Air Duct Sealing

Aeroseal® Aerosol Air Duct Sealing

Learn about this product’s features and how its use can help a builder earn points toward NGBS Green certification.

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$o Many Rea$on$ to Get NGB$ Green Certified

Some multifamily developers forego seeking green building certification because they believe the costs are too high. It can cost a lot – but not for the reasons they may be thinking. Ultimately, it’s not that the costs are too high to earn the green certification – rather, it is the opportunity cost of leaving tens of thousands of dollars of incentive financing on the table when they don’t have a green certification. As these developers finalize their permanent financing, they realize how green certification would have more than paid for itself (many times over) if only they had added it as a design objective prior to construction. Don't leave money on the table - get NGBS Green Certified.

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