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Patti Gunderson

Talking Strong Walls on 'The Weekly': Check out this recent interview on the Home Innovation-developed Extended Plate Walls technology by ProBuilder's Editor-in-Chief Rich Binsacca with our own Research Engineer Patti Gunderson.

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With COVID-19 Market Disruptions, Slight Needle Tilt in Attitudes Toward Offsite Construction

Prior to COVID-19, a tightening labor supply and hot housing market portended a bright future for offsite housing construction methods, such as panelization and modular. In the wake of coronavirus and rising availability of workers sidelined from other industries, at least one key driver of builders adopting offsite methods may have faded. Are builders less inclined to adopt offsite construction now? Or are there other factors making them more ready for the change? A recent survey aimed to find out the answer to these and other related questions.

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