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Condition Assessments

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Expedited Contracting Process for Housing Condition Assessments

Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center) has worked with most branches of the U.S. Military to inspect and evaluate existing housing, and plan for future housing needs. We can be efficient and effective in providing the critical information you need to house active military men and women and their families appropriately.  

Housing Master Planning

Our team evaluates housing and related issues at military installations. Working with installation personnel, we develop alternative approaches to solving any existing problems, including planning and scheduling all new and replacement construction, Whole Neighborhood Revitalization of existing houses and infrastructure, and development of an Installation Housing Master Plan of the approved long-term solution.

Housing Condition Assessment 

We inspect a sample of family housing units and develop a report of all discrepancies in the housing, estimate the cost to bring all housing into compliance with standards, schedule the construction into practical phases, and prepare the 1391 programming documents to support the budget.

Housing Market Analysis

We conduct approved Housing Market Analyses of the availability and adequacy of private sector housing in the local community surrounding military installations to determine the need for government-owned houses.

Privatization Planning

We conduct privatization training and workshops to plan the potential scope of a privatization project. We prepare models that predict developer cash flows, predict scoring amounts, and determine a government scope and estimate for an upcoming privatization project.

General Studies and Assistance

We provide other specialized studies and assistance to military family housing organizations including Headquarters, Major Commands, and Installations, as needed.


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Meeting & Concierge Services

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