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Product usage data that helps building product manufacturers make better business decisions.

Assess the Market Demand for Home Building Products with Product Usage Data Reports

Building product manufacturers need a clear understanding of the size of their markets in order to spot trends and opportunities, assess market share and their competitors’, and evaluate the viability of new business investments. Since the 1970s, Home Innovation Research Labs has been at the forefront of market sizing research and compiling product usage data for construction products.

But while predicting future market change is (at best) an uncertain activity, savvy marketers and product managers are looking for clues about the future by spotting change as it’s beginning to happen. Home Innovation Research Labs produces a series of market demand reports precisely for this purpose — the Annual Builder and Consumer Practices Surveys. These reports measure changes in market size, market share, and usage patterns for specific building materials. To see an application of this data source, see our Trends article on insulation.

At the core of our services is a deep understanding of industry segments, technologies, and practices, and a robust product usage modeling process honed over decades.

Home Building Product Market Demand Reports

Each year, our Builder Practices Survey gathers data from approximately 1,500 home builders across the United States to produce data reports on 49 different product categories. These reports are the most comprehensive sources of purchase quantities of building products and materials for new homes available, providing geographic detail down to the metro area and county levels. Reports are delivered in spreadsheet, database, and Tableau format for a wide variety of integration options.  

Residential Remodeling Product Usage Reports

The Home Innovation Annual Consumer Practices Survey reaches more than 110,000 U.S. and Canadian households to produce 37 separate reports on products and materials used for residential remodeling. Information on purchaser, installer, and place of purchase are all provided in metro area and county-level detail.

Product Demand Modeling & Forecast

We can help you develop a market demand modeling and forecasting system to support your company with:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Marketing & sales budget allocation
  • Identifying and tracking market opportunities
  • Assessing performance against competitors
  • Monitoring market shares of competitive products

Our Builder & Consumer Practices Survey program provides the basis for annual purchases for building products by units purchased. In addition, we can help you track dollar volume of products by:

  • Purchase channels
  • Pro vs. DIY purchaser
  • New homes vs. remodeling
  • Price-point of home
  • Single-family vs. multifamily
  • Other relevant bases


Improve your business intelligence with our market research services.


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