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When you need to know, ask the pros! Rely on our highly qualified panel of construction pros.

Superior Quality Participants for Market Research Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups

Home Innovation Research Labs has a research panel of more than 5,000 home builders, remodelers, and other construction professionals with authority to specify or purchase building products. Our research panel consists of true construction pros — recruited from non-public, pre-screened sources of industry professionals and scrutinized by us personally to eliminate the well-meaning, yet unqualified, survey takers.

We have provided survey fielding of construction pros for decades. We use the strictest criteria for sourcing new panel members. Individuals can’t just sign up for our panel — we must extend an invitation to participate, and we only extend invitations to those who meet our strict qualification criteria.

Who Uses Our Trusted Panel of Pros?

  • Building product manufacturers
  • Top marketing research companies & management consultants
  • Survey sample providers who recognize the limits of consumer survey panels when wanting to survey pros
  • Advertising agencies
  • Building materials retailers
  • Trade associations, government agencies, and many others

For decades, researchers throughout the construction industry have relied on Home Innovation Research Labs to cultivate and curate the panels of respondents they need for meaningful data. They rely on us to get more respondents in hard-to-get categories, such as production and multifamily builders. Plus, we know the industry very well and can help our clients establish screening criteria that do not unnecessarily exclude qualified respondents.

Based on feedback from customers who use our survey sample, our respondents are much less likely to be flagged for cheating or speeding through surveys. Our panelists give more thoughtful responses for open-ended and complex questions. And a higher share of our panelists are decision makers in the purchase of building products and services.

Some of the ways we’ve cultivated and honed our panel include:

  • Annual Builder Practices Survey (BPS) Respondents: More than half of our panel members have thoughtfully completed Home Innovation's Annual Builder Practices Survey and have been invited to join our pro panel. Each completed BPS questionnaire must pass a rigorous examination to ensure the respondent has provided qualified and meaningful information on the homes their company builds. Each BPS questionnaire mailing uses randomly selected individuals from among builder-members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Professional Builder Magazine subscribers who indicate they build new homes. This results in a good cross-section of people representing all types of building companies in all geographic areas.
  • International Builders’ Show (IBS) Attendees: For several years, Home Innovation researchers have screened and signed up construction industry pros on the show floor of NAHB's annual trade show and exhibition — the largest show of its kind in our industry. Through such a major national (and international) event attended by a significant cross-section of the industry, we've been able to recruit heavily from a pool of thoughtful survey respondents, all of whom are serious about their business and their industry.

Our research panel members see Home Innovation Research Labs as a trusted, impartial industry partner. We are able to capitalize on our position as a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), an association with more than 130,000 construction industry professional members nationwide.

Don’t risk the quality of your data, or the time it takes you to gather it, by buying "cheap" survey sample. Contact us to discuss how you can improve the quality of feedback you get from construction pros in your marketing research efforts.



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Market Research

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