"Home Innovation Research Labs came up with a very valuable suggestion for a new way to market our product in the U.S. that we certainly wouldn’t have worked out ourselves sitting in Australia!"

Benefit from Market Research and Product Testing - All in One Place

Our comprehensive suite of services helps manufacturers bring products to market, identify potential markets and measure consumer interest, as well as test and certify products for quality and performance.

Test Your Products at Our State-of-the-Art Facility

Our laboratory pairs the ingenuity and expertise of our engineers with industry-leading testing equipment. Through market research we strive to bring manufacturers closer to their customers, which brings better products to the marketplace. With certification and testing, we ensure products perform to code specification and address issues before products go to market.

Let our Expertise Work for You

We help manufacturers stay on top of industry trends, gauge interest in products through comprehensive market data and understand building best practices with cutting edge research.