Engineered Structural Wood

Providing OSB code compliance verification for builders & code inspectors.

Comprehensive OSB Panel Testing and Certification

Building codes in the United States and Canada require certified structural performance for panels used as roof, wall, or floor sheathing in wood-frame construction. Our experienced quality assurance auditors regularly conduct on-site quality system audits and product selection of OSB and other building materials and products. Our skilled laboratory technicians use recognized and accredited test methods to evaluate OSB panel performance in our state-of-the-art testing facility. If the tested panels meet the criteria, we authorize the mill to stamp them with our registered Home Innovation Lab Certified™ mark, making it readily apparent to both builders and code officials that they meet the building code. Our testing per PS2 and CAN O325 includes:

Dimensional Checks

We verify that a panel’s width, length, thickness, squareness, and straightness meet the standard.

Concentrated Static & Impact Loading

We use our Metriguard Model QL-2 to test how a panel performs under point loading, both before and after a shot bag is dropped on to them from various specified heights.

Uniform Loading

We test how much a panel deflects when a vacuum load is applied over the entire surface.

Wall Racking 

We use our Racker to test how much a panel contributes to the shear resistance of a wall assembly.

Fastener Performance

We use our Tinius-Olsen universal test machine to verify that the panels meet minimum fastener lateral loading and withdrawal specifications.

Dimensional Stability

We test how much panel length, width, and thickness change after being soaked in a water bath and then dried in an oven for specified amounts of time.

Bond Performance

We test the adhesive bond of panel components by conducting a bending test after being vacuum-soaked in a hot water bath and then dried in an oven.


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Lab Certified 

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Product Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

Testing Equipment