Fire Testing
Our Partners

Backed by esteemed experts with extensive experience in fire testing.

Our advisory partners know fire testing in and out.

TesPro™ Equipment Inc. 

Thomas Kitching, AScT, Founder & CEO of TesPro Equipment Inc., is the mastermind behind the design of our custom-built fire lab. With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in creating innovative testing equipment tailored to the specific requirements of internationally recognized test standards. Thomas’s deep expertise in fire testing methods has been instrumental in the development of our state-of-the-art furnaces, procedures, and quality control practices. Our fire testing lab features the first-ever stainless steel large-scale vertical and horizontal furnaces, designed by Thomas himself. He has played a key role in designing our specialized lab space which houses 7 furnaces capable of conducting 26 tests under one roof. Thomas remains a valuable resource to our team, providing guidance on equipment operation and maintenance. 

Firestance Professional Services Ltd. 

Mike van Geyn, AScT, Principal at Firestance Professional Services, serves as our technical advisor and lead trainer of our fire lab team. With over forty years of experience in fire testing, product certification, and conformity assessment, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He understands the requirements and nuances of each test standard, as well as the common mistakes and points of variability that can affect test results. Mike leads our team’s training on each standard and furnace and is available for consultation during fire testing. His extensive experience at internationally accredited labs, including Intertek Testing Services and others, makes him an invaluable resource to the team.


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