Building Science
Natural Disaster Assistance

Providing technology solutions and best practices to mitigate the impact of natural disasters on housing.

Helping Agencies Prepare for and Recover from Natural Disasters

Based on decades of experience evaluating the aftermath of all types of natural disasters, Home Innovation Research Labs is uniquely poised to help local, state, and federal agencies develop preventative approaches to housing impacts from future natural disasters. We can also assist government agencies with assessing post-disaster damage to residential structures to identify potential improvements to mitigate damage from future events. Having plans in place for rebuilding capacity and approaches to strengthening existing structures can help significantly improve recovery time.

Damage Assessment

Home Innovation Labs conducts on-site assessments of damage through a statistically based sampling methodology to correlate event strength to observed damage from earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, flooding, and tidal surges.

Reconstruction Capacity Tools

We can develop and customize planning tools for local authorities to estimate recovery rebuilding capacity and duration.

Agency Program Assessment

We can conduct assessments of program delivery and cost effectiveness for temporary and permanent housing.


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Meeting & Concierge Services

Meeting & Concierge Services

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