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Reports and resources for builders on Extended Plate Wall (EPW) systems.

Tried-and-True with a Twist: Extended Plate Wall Systems

The Extended Plate Wall (EPW), also known as Extended Plate and Beam (EP&B), is an advanced wall system developed by Home Innovation Research Labs. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, Forest Products Labs, and U.S. Department of Energy have partnered with Home Innovation to test and optimize the system, and have developed a number of practical resources to allow home builders and building contractors to integrate these high-performing walls into the homes they build at a reasonable cost, while meeting or exceeding the Energy Code prescriptive insulation requirements for all U.S. Climate Zones.

This innovative wall system was designed using tried-and-true lumber construction methodologies. The system is composed of familiar wall materials but in a different configuration, integrating rigid foam sheathing with standard framing practices into a system that preserves many conventional construction features and minimizes the risk builders typically face when using a new technology. Check out this recent interview by ProBuilder Editor-in-Chief Rich Binsacca with Home Innovation's Patti Gunderson. The resources below will also be useful for those new to this technology.


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