Message from the President

Looking forward to putting my "home team" to work for you.

Message from the President

As president of Home Innovation Research Labs, my chief responsibility is to help leverage our many assets – including our state-of-the-art laboratory and market research facility; our numerous third-party testing and certification credentials; our depth of staff expertise; and our relationships with decision makers throughout the industry – to deliver our clients innovative and actionable solutions for their commercial success. But I couldn’t do that if I didn’t truly believe in the work we do here and the incredibly talented people who make up our team.

There is no equal in the housing industry for our product testing laboratory and market research facility. It was designed specifically to bring together the physical testing capabilities and market research know-how we possess under one roof. It allows us to offer clients an experience and depth of understanding of their products, and their markets, that they can’t get in one place anywhere else. Whether used to help our clients in individual testing and research disciplines, or in combination, the assets on our research campus are an invaluable tool to have in your R&D toolbox. If you haven’t had a chance to visit our facility, I would encourage you to add it to your “to do” list.

Our research campus is impressive. But without our team, our physical attributes would be of little use. Our people make our work truly innovative and separate us from the competition. Our staff is made up of mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers; planners; economists; architects; former builders, remodelers, and contractors; lab technicians; and market research experts. Combined, they possess an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in all facets of market analysis and building science research and testing. 

I believe Home Innovation Research Labs is uniquely postured to provide each of our clients a comprehensive approach that helps overcome the often daunting impediments to moving new products and technologies into the market. We look forward to putting our dedicated team to work for you.

Michael Luzier
President & CEO