Our Team

The know-how, connections, and experience to help clients achieve market success.

Our Team

Our team is what sets us apart. Admittedly, our research campus is home to a unique, state-of-the art, world-class research laboratory specifically designed to service your research, testing, and certification needs. But it’s our people who make our work truly innovative and separate us from the competition.

Our experts possess an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in all facets of market analysis and building science research and testing. Below is just a sample of our key staff – let us put these people to work for you. 

Pamela Barksdale, Home Innovation Research Labs

Pam Barksdale, Project Manager/Research Analyst

Pam Barksdale is a Research Analyst II with nearly 20 years of experience in housing related research and real estate. She analyzes economic and statistical data and performs condition assessments for Home Innovation’s military housing clients. Pam is also part of our NGBS Green Certification team, providing verification report reviews and verifier guidance.

Jacquita Ellis, meeting & events concierge

Jacquita Ellis-Jones, Corporate Concierge/Meeting Planner

From a warm and professional welcome, to prompt service of delicious hot or cold food, beverage, and snack service, to the full range of administrative meeting support, Jacquita ensures all meetings and focus groups held at Home Innovation go flawlessly. Just let her know what details you need handled – no job is too small!

Michelle Foster, Vice President of Innovation Services

Michelle Foster, Vice President of Innovation Services

You can usually find Michelle on the road touting the benefits of our green building certification program based on the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard™. Prior to joining Home Innovation Research Labs, Michelle cultivated decades of housing experience in planning, environmental, land use, and financing issues.

 Judy Guerrieri, Senior Market Researcher & Survey Panel Manager

Judy Guerrieri, Senior Researcher and Survey Panel Manager

Judy has more than 20 years of experience conducting research in support of brand marketing, new product and program development, customer satisfaction, and eCommerce. With a decade+ of panel management experience, she is charged with recruitment, maintenance, and efficient utilization of our 9,000+ member Professional Builder Panel, as well as project design and oversight for custom research projects.

Patti Gunderson

Patricia Gunderson, P.E., Research Engineer

Patti’s background in sustainable HVAC design is a perfect fit for Home Innovation's investigative focus and work for DOE. She conducts research on building envelopes and MEP systems, and has a strong background in engineering software tools, energy modeling, BIM, design documentation, and construction administration. Patti is part of our NGBS Green team and is a LEED AP and Certified Passive House Consultant.

Ed Hudson

Ed Hudson, MBA, Director of Market Research

Ed has 20 years of experience conducting research in the home construction industry. He and his staff conduct a wide array of both qualitative and quantitative marketing research supporting the development and commercialization of new building products and technologies.

Kyeata Johnson, Home Innovation Research Labs

Kyeata Johnson, Laboratory Specialist II

Kyeata Johnson is a Laboratory Technician whose primary responsibilities are in Home Innovation’s Thermal Laboratory where she performs thermal testing in accordance with nationally recognized standards and maintains and calibrates all thermal testing equipment. Kyeata also trains and oversees our field reps that perform in-plant inspections at each participating manufacturer’s facilities.

Kevin Kauffman, engineer

Kevin Kauffman, Research Engineer II

Kevin Kauffman is involved in a variety of projects for Home Innovation in support of HUD, DOE, NAHB, and USDA Forest Products Lab programs. His work spans both the Building Science and Laboratory divisions, and includes residential regulations and code issues, product standards, technology innovations, and construction systems, which affect the affordability, safety, and livability of homes.

Tom Kenney, Vice President of Engineering & Research

Thomas Kenney, PE, Vice President of Engineering & Research

Home Innovation Research Labs most senior research engineer with nearly 30 years of service. Tom's extensive experience with a wide range of engineering disciplines and housing product and system issues give him a depth of knowledge and a practical perspective that is unmatched in the home building research industry.

Vladimir Kochkin

Vladimir Kochkin, Director of Applied Engineering

Vladimir oversees our engineering research programs on the structural, environmental, and energy performance of residential construction. He also manages our ANSI process for the development and maintenance of the National Green Building Standard™.

David Mallay, Home Innovation Research Labs

David Mallay, Research Engineer

David Mallay conducts research and engineering analysis on residential HVAC and building enclosure systems for Home Innovation and works as a project and research engineer for our U.S. DOE Building America team. Dave is also a BPI Certified Building Analyst Professional, BPI Certified Envelope Professional, and part of our NGBS Green Certification team.

Lynda Marchman Mosteller, Administrator, Green Building Programs

Lynda Marchman Mosteller, NGBS Green Certifications Administrator

Lynda Marchman Mosteller is the Certifications Administrator for Home Innovation’s NGBS Green Certification Program, which means she manages our extensive program database and all the daily interactions with NGBS Green Verifiers as well as other program partners. From top to bottom, if you’ve received correspondence regarding the NGBS Green program, you’ve likely had contact with Lynda!

Joanne McAlpin, marketing research

Joanne McAlpin, Marketing Assistant

Joanne McAlpin is program administrator for Home Innovation’s Annual Builder and Consumer Practices Surveys, as well as assistant administrator for our NGBS Green Certification program. Her responsibilities include preparing quotes, order fulfillment, billing, online panel and database maintenance, and outreach.

 Deanna Williams Seale, PE, Assistant Lab Director

Deanna Williams Seale, PE, Assistant Lab Director

Deanna is a licensed professional engineer with expertise in materials testing, structural forensics, and the design and restoration of buildings, bridges, and other structures. She provides consulting and engineer-of-record services for Home Innovation clients seeking ICC-ES code compliance recognition for their products and innovative technologies.

Nay Shah, Research Engineer

Nay Shah, Research Engineer

Nay Shah is a Research Engineer with mechanical engineering and analysis expertise in HVAC systems. He leads and provides technical support as a project and research engineer for Home Innovation’s Building America Program work. He also conducts verification reviews for the NGBS Green Certification program and administers HUD’s Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee.

Chris Steuble

Chris Steuble, Associate Director of Market Research

Chris has been in the market research industry for over 20 years and has been Manager of the Builder & Consumer Practices Survey (BPS/CPS) program for over a decade. Chris develops building materials demand data using expertise in conducting nationwide surveys, analysis of building industry activity, construction technologies, and data computational modeling. The scope of his work includes new home construction, home remodeling, and non-residential building construction—in the U.S. and Canada.

Jon Violette, manager of marketing research

Jon Violette, Manager of Marketing Research

Jon joined our marketing research team with more than 25 years of marketing & advertising research experience. Working for some of the nation’s leading advertising agencies and marketing research firms, Jon has designed and analyzed research for many of world’s most influential brands, including American Express, AT&T, General Motors, and Kraft Foods, to name just a few. Yours could be next!