NGBS Green Verifier Advisory Panel

Provides recommendations on NGBS Green technical & verification issues.

Home Innovation's NGBS Green Verifier Advisory Panel


To provide recommendations to Home Innovation on technical and verification issues related to NGBS Green certification.


Home Innovation serves as certification body for the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard® (NGBS) and administers a national program based that certifies communities, homes, and multifamily buildings in compliance with the NGBS. As necessary, the VAP provides Home Innovation with expertise on technical and administrative issues on matters related to the NGBS. Home Innovation values the opinions and recommendations from the VAP; however, the final resolution of any matter discussed with the VAP rests solely with Home Innovation.

The VAP does not have any formal governance authority, fiscal oversight, or policy making authority. While the VAP will be asked for informed input on interpretations, policies, or procedures, the final decision on program management, policies, and procedures is the sole responsibility of Home Innovation management.


The VAP consists of up to 20 NGBS Green Accredited Verifiers. Participation is by invitation from Home Innovation and is voluntary and unpaid. Prospective VAP members will be selected based on subject-matter expertise in residential building science and sustainability in general, and the NGBS and NGBS Green certification specifically. Members must remain an Accredited Verifier in good standing with Home Innovation to remain a VAP member.


Verifiers that accept the invitation to serve on the VAP are expected to participate in VAP discussions. Discussions will be conducted via email, conference call, and when possible, in-person. VAP members are not expected to participate in every discussion; however, Home Innovation will consider a Verifier’s participation and contributions for reappointment to the VAP. Verifiers may at any time withdraw as a member.