Trade and Professional

"Home Innovation Research Labs played an integral role in the implementation of steel framing in the U.S. residential market...A great example is the L-header – with their support we were able to create the tests and technical support needed to provide design guidance and get that information implemented into the relevant codes and standards. Their work for our industry has made it more feasible and cost-effective to build with steel framing."

Expand Your Members' Market through Standardization

Niche products can become contenders in traditional markets. We can help position your members’ technologies to leverage market share through standardization of performance specifications, dimensional specifications, labeling identification, quality assurance, and code conformity.

Consulting Services

Optimize the use of precious resources by building your technical support team with our content experts and engineering support staff. Our consulting services are managed to protect your intellectual property and scaled to meet your needs. We can provide services from behind the scenes technical support and analysis, to technical representation and support at code hearings.

Keep Abreast of Evolving Markets, Regulations, and Technology

Help your members with strategic planning and shaping their future with credible reconnaissance on emerging issues on competitive markets, codes and standards, regulations, quality assurance, and innovative technologies.