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Focus Groups at the
International Builders' Show

Go where the action is - host focus groups at the annual International Builders' Show and KBIS.

Focus Groups & Interviews at the International Builders' Show

For more than a decade, Home Innovation Research Labs' market research team has conducted pre-recruited focus groups and in-depth interviews at the International Builders' Show (IBS) and Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) — now combined to create Design & Construction Week (DCW). Sponsoring one or more focus groups allows our clients to gain invaluable insight into the beliefs and motivations of building product purchasers and specifiers among groups of highly-qualified industry professionals.

NAHB’s International Builders' Show is one of the largest gatherings of home building professionals in North America — drawing nearly 100,000 attendees each year — and a terrific opportunity get feedback in the structured environment of moderated focus groups. Being co-located with the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show allows Home Innovation to recruit across a wide cross-section of industry professionals, including large or small builders, residential and commercial, remodelers, kitchen and bath specialists, trade contractors, architects, and many other categories of professionals.

How It Works

The process is very simple. You tell us what you would like to learn, and what audiences you need to reach. We handle the rest! From recruiting, to hosting and moderating the groups, to providing professional and insightful analysis — we take care of it all.

Other Building Industry Meetings & Shows

While the International Builders' Show can be a one-stop-shop for many market research needs, it may not be the best fit for your specific interests. No problem! We can help you find the right industry meeting or convention for conducting the research you need. We have conducted research at consumer home shows throughout the United States, in addition to the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, World of Concrete, and many more national and regional events. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


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Market Research

Home Innovation Research Labs Lab - Market Research

With multiple focus group suites and an observation gallery overlooking the laboratory floor, our market research facility is unmatched for building product research. 

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