Product Testing

Moisture testing to help you understand how your product handles moisture.

Moisture Testing for Building Products & Materials

Improper moisture management in homes leads to mold, mildew, rot, corrosion, and a generally unhealthy environment. Home Innovation moisture testing can help you understand how your product interacts with moisture, so you can communicate the most appropriate installation instructions to builders and contractors, and maintenance instructions to consumers.  

Moisture Vapor Transmission

There needs to be give and take in the materials used in a home – some products must act as a vapor barrier while other materials need to breathe and allow moisture vapor to pass through. By measuring the perm rating of your material, we give you the most accurate evaluation of its moisture performance.

Moisture Content

We routinely measure the moisture content of a variety of building products and materials. This information can be critical in understanding the physical properties of many wood and other types of products.  

Moisture Absorption

The ability of a material to absorb and release water impacts its long-term performance. We can measure moisture absorption and desorption rates under a variety of circumstances.

Water Penetration

Products used to prevent water intrusion into a home need to be independently tested to prove they’re fit for use. Our wind-blown rain chamber is where we evaluate how your products work when exposed to real-world elements.

Thickness Swell/Linear Expansion

When a product absorbs moisture, it can swell. We can measure this type of dimensional change to help manufacturers determine proper applications and installation procedures for their products.

Field Evaluations

On-site test huts are available on Home Innovation Labs campus for long-term, real-world evaluations of building materials and systems’ weather and moisture performance.


Our full-service lab is ready for your product testing needs.



Product Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

Testing Equipment