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Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

We conduct ASTM B117 and custom corrosion testing of building products in our Salt Fog Machine.

Salt Fog Corrosion Testing

It’s vital that the fasteners and materials used to construct our built and technological environment hold up to the stresses and destructive conditions of the real world. Salt Spray (a.k.a., Salt Fog) corrosion testing is the gold standard for controlled corrosion weathering and can help your product meet the requirements of the aerospace, automotive, materials, construction, and manufacturing industries. This cost-effective weathering test solution applies a corrosive saline spray to product and material samples in a carefully controlled chamber. Our testing chamber can operate in a wide range of humidities, temperatures, and conditions to replicate the various corrosive environments that your product might see over its lifetime. With these tools, we can apply consistent accelerated conditioning to ensure accurate and comparable results.

ascott S1000 Salt Fog Testing Machine
Home Innovation Research Labs' ascott S1000 Salt Fog Testing Machine

Our Corrosion Testing Capabilities

  • ASTM B117: Utilizing this globally accepted standard, Home Innovation can gather data to evaluate your product’s or material’s resistance to corrosion in an accelerated fashion. The corroded parts can then undergo further evaluation from visual inspection, mass loss measurements, and physical strength tests.
  • Custom Testing Conditions: If you have an innovative product or otherwise need non-standard testing, our team of experts can work with you to create a custom salt fog testing plan to meet your needs.

We stand by our data. Our internal comparison of our own results with the interlaboratory results obtained by ASTM is summarized in a whitepaper we invite you to review.

testing material samples inside salt fog machine
Testing material samples inside salt fog machine.

Testing Results You Can Trust

Conducting your Salt Spray Corrosion Testing with Home Innovation Research Labs ensures the data you receive will be backed by our experienced team with trusted results supported by our ISO/IEC 17025 test lab accreditation. We provide project reports that include all relevant photos, data, and discussion necessary to help your product succeed in the code arena and marketplace. Contact us today to discuss your Salt Fog Corrosion Testing needs and how we can provide solutions. 


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