Fire Testing Lab

Comprehensive fire testing services for building materials, products, and assemblies.

Home Innovation Research Labs is fully equipped to perform the fire tests you need – all under one roof. Our cutting-edge lab is designed with a focus on client experience featuring an efficient layout of 7 furnaces with the most advanced technology to provide an unparalleled fire testing experience for our clients. 

Give us a call to discuss your testing needs –our Lab Director, Deanna Seale, PE, is available to answer your burning questions!

Home Innovation fire lab

State-of-the-Art Fire Testing

Benefit from our team of professionals using best-in-class equipment for the fire tests essential to your business. Discover what sets us apart. 


fire testing team in Home Innovation's fire lab

Our Team

One team – with engineers and technicians focused exclusively on fire testing. Experience the reliability, consistency, and exceptional customer service you require from the lab you trust. 


fire testing furnace

Our Partners

Our team is backed by esteemed experts with extensive experience in fire testing.