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Credible, Independent Confirmation of Your Products’ R-value Performance

FTC Rule 460 sets out the requirements for claims about insulation performance. We help insulation manufacturers conform to that rule, which not only helps to improve their products, but leads to higher consumer confidence. Testing all types of insulation used for residential structures, our third-party certification program verifies that the R-value displayed on your product’s label and the R-value of the material inside the package are one and the same.  

Home Innovation Research Labs is also the only company in the United States listed as a Sampling Body for EUCEB certification. The European Certification Board of mineral wool products (EUCEB) is a certification authority that guarantees that products are made of non-classified fibres under the European Regulation. To get the EUCEB certification, a mineral wool manufacturing plant has to have a contract with a sampling body recognized by EUCEB so that a sample may be taken twice a year for analysis. 

Fiberglass Batts

A Home Innovation Labs field representative will periodically visit a factory to take specimens for density and thickness, which are then sent to our lab for R-value testing and characterization. Testing is conducted on each R-value product to be certified.

Fiberglass Loose Fill

Bags of loose fill fiberglass insulation are selected by our field representatives during regular factory inspections and are sent to Home Innovation Research Labs for coverage and R-value testing. Our certification program requires both depth and coverage values to confirm the R-value of loose fill insulation.


Cellulose loose fill insulation (made of recycled material content) is tested for settled density, coverage, and depth to verify the R-value and become Home Innovation Lab Certified™. 

Metal Building Insulation

Faced metal building insulation carrying the Home Innovation Lab Certified™ mark has been checked twice – first at the fiberglass manufacturer for compliance with the NAIMA-202 standard, then at the laminator after the facing has been applied for compliance with the NIA standard.


Actions speak volumes – get your products third-party certified by us.



Lab Certified 

Don't take chances. Specify home building products that are third-party certified for code compliance or performance claims.


Product Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Our 24,000 s.f. state-of-the-art testing laboratory houses a wide variety of calibrated test equipment for all types of building products, materials, and systems testing.

Testing Equipment