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NGBS Green+

NGBS Green+  bestows special recognition for NGBS Green Certified homes that go "above and beyond" in certain areas of green practices. With NGBS Green+, builders do not need additional certifications or inspections to highlight their homes’ special features.

“Buyers are generally willing to spend more than
$2,000 upfront for a home certified to an above-code
standard for health and wellness.”

- NAHB’s 2020 “What Homebuyers Want” Survey

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NGBS Green+ certifications provide a streamlined, supplementary, third-party recognition for NGBS Green Certified homes based on their exceptional performance in one (or more) of six categories of green practices:

  • NET ZERO ENERGY: Net Zero Energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite through renewable resources. Net Zero Energy homes offer residents independence from energy bills and increased resilience during events that affect the energy infrastructure.
  • RESILIENCE: Resilient design is the intentional design of buildings and communities to respond to natural and manmade disturbance, have the capacity to adapt to changing conditions, and maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance. To earn the NGBS Green+ RESILIENCE certification, a builder must provide documentation confirming their home/building has been designed and constructed to provide at least 30% enhanced resilience and durability beyond the structural requirements of the IBC or IRC, as applicable, and must show that they have on-site renewable energy and a battery energy storage system.
  • SMART HOME: Smart home devices offer residents greater control of their home’s systems, with the potential for improved comfort and reduced energy and water use. All homes that earn the NGBS Green+ SMART HOME certification must include: (1) automated or voice-activated control of HVAC, lighting, alarm system, or door locks; and (2) programmable communicating thermostat with remote capability. Additional practices regarding the Lighting & Lighting Controls; Energy & Water Consumption Control; Smart Controls for Water Efficiency; and Ventilation and Humidity Control must also be met for certification compliance.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Universal design supports the concept of “aging in place,” which reduces the need to expend effort and resources to remodel, relocate, or construct a new home. Homes that earn the NGBS Green+ UNIVERSAL DESIGN certification incorporate a set of common universal design features.
  • WELLNESS: the NGBS Green+ WELLNESS certification recognizes homes and buildings that are higher performing across multiple NGBS practice categories that influence human health including Air; Movement; Moisture Management; Humidity Control/Comfort; Nourishment; Light; Sound; Materials; and Access to Nature.
  • ZERO WATER: The term “Zero Water” signifies that water supplied to a home/building by rainwater capture or reused greywater and/or blackwater sources is at a level that could meet all water usage. Designing and constructing for Zero Water homes/buildings involves careful design with efficient plumbing, fixtures, and landscape and other outdoor features that require limited water. In addition, storage tanks and treatment devices are installed to facilitate the capture and use of rainwater, greywater, and blackwater.


NGBS Green+ certifications quickly and clearly spotlight the green features of your homes and apartments to your homebuyers and renters. Our NGBS Green+ certifications take advantage of people’s tendency to process visuals faster than text. Our visuals are more likely to grab your customers attention and have them immediately focus on why your homes are better than your competitors’.

Below are the specialized marketing resources builders and developers earning NGBS Green+ certifications are eligible to use to distinguish their homes or apartments from other green certified homes on the market or showcase progress towards company-wide ESG goals.

  • Certifications – Builders of projects that earn an NGBS Green+ certification(s) can use the accompanying graphic in marketing that project’s unique features or performance
  • Certificates – When a home/building achieves an NGBS Green+ certification, the builder will receive a customized NGBS Green certificate that features the certification achievement.
  • Plaques – Custom award plaques that reflect certification achievement are available for an additional fee if desired.


NGBS Green+ certifications must be pursued concurrently with 2020 NGBS Green Certification.

With the exception of the NGBS Green+ ZERO WATER option, certifications are available to both new construction and remodeling projects. Certifications are not available for homes pursuing NGBS Green Certification via the Single-Family Certified path (Chapter 12).

Verification & Documentation

The NGBS practices that are included as part of the NGBS Green+ certification criteria must be verified by an accredited NGBS Green Verifier and according to the Verifiers’ Resource Guide (VRG).

The 2020 NGBS Green Scoring Tools include new sections that address design and verification of the NGBS Green+ certifications by pulling selected practices and inputs from the main Design and Verification tabs. Download the scoring tools from www.HomeInnovation.com/GreenScoring. See our tutorial video on tracking NGBS Green+ compliance with these new tools.

For an NGBS Green+ certification to be awarded, the final verification report should confirm compliance with the practices that support NGBS Green+ achievement. The NGBS Green+ signature page must be signed by the builder or developer and submitted as part of the verification packet.

Process & Fees

Interest in pursuing NGBS Green+ certifications can be indicated at the time of project registration or when a verifier submits the rough inspection notification.

Associated fees are assessed per certification for the additional review associated with NGBS Green+ certifications. Fees are assessed at the building (not unit) level, as follows:

  • $50 for a single-family home
  • $100 for a multifamily building up to 3 stories
  • $300 for a multifamily building 4 stories and above

These fees are invoiced at the same time as certification fees. Upon request, specialized project-/development-wide pricing will be considered. All homes or buildings within a project/development would need to seek NGBS Green+ recognition. Contact us to request volume pricing.


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