Green Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Investors, lenders, and renters want green. Get your buildings NGBS Green Certified.

NGBS Green Multifamily & Mixed-Use Building Certification

The National Green Building Standard® (NGBS) provides practices for the design, construction, and certification of green multifamily residential and mixed-use buildings, including:

  • high- and low-rise apartment buildings
  • high- and low-rise condominiums
  • the residential portion of mixed-use buildings
  • mixed-use buildings where the non-residential space is 49% or less of the gross floor area
  • assisted living facilities, residential care and board facilities, dorms, group homes, and hotels
  • accessory structures that are part of a larger residential community, such as a clubhouse or recreational facility

A new green multifamily building or the residential portion of a mixed-use building can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Emerald certification, depending on the number of green practices successfully incorporated in its design and construction. Existing multifamily buildings can also attain one of the four levels of NGBS Green certification when remodeled according to the NGBS requirements.

The commercial portion of the building can either earn Certified for Core and Shell or Certified for Full Mixed-Use Building Compliance.

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