Fire Testing
State-of-the-Art Fire Testing

The lab you trust – now fully equipped with fire testing services.

Welcome to fire testing, reinvented.

We didn’t just add new equipment, we created the ultimate comprehensive fire lab. Our lab is designed to expedite sample processing, providing the crucial data necessary for informed decision-making and product advancement. 

Highly Controlled Testing

Our engineers closely monitor and manually control test furnaces’ burners and air flow, ensuring that the standardized time-temperature curve remains closely aligned with specifications throughout each test.

Consistency You Can Trust

Your tests are conducted in one lab by a dedicated team. Equipped with full environmental control and backup generators, we’re prepared to maintain our schedule regardless of the weather conditions.

Built for Efficiency

Our compact lab layout, integrated with a fixed fire hose, enables rapid and precise test extinguishment. Our ventilation system quickly restores our lab to environmental specifications for subsequent tests.

Clean Fire Testing

Our state-of-the-art pollution control system exceeds local requirements. Additionally, our first-of-their-kind stainless steel furnaces enable faster turnaround times and more thorough cleaning between tests.

Superior Client Experience

Enjoy complete confidentiality with exclusive access to our entire fire lab during your visit. Ceramic windows provide clear viewing of ongoing tests for both our engineers and our clients who want to get up close.

  • ASTM E136
  • ASTM E84
  • ASTM E814
  • NFPA 285
  • NFPA 286
  • ASTM E119 (Vertical)
  • ASTM E119 (Horizontal)
  • and more!

Contact us now for a private tour of our cutting-edge fire testing facility. Let our Lab Director answer all your burning questions.