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NGBS point-worthy green building products for NGBS Green Certification.

What is the Green Certified Product program?

Home Innovation Research Labs NGBS Green Certified Product program bridges the gap between manufacturers who produce NGBS-certified products and the builders/designers who want to use them in homes, multifamily buildings, and commercial retail spaces. Green product certifications can also validate a manufacturer’s contributions toward ESG-related goals.

To be eligible for the NGBS Green Certified Products program, manufacturers must provide appropriate third-party evidence to Home Innovation Labs that their products meet the criteria for recognition in buildings seeking NGBS Green Certification.

NGBS Green Certified Products earn a certificate that identifies the specific NGBS section(s) where points for the product are available. This information facilitates designers' selection of products to be used and the approval of those points by Home Innovation-accredited green building verifiers.


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Year:  2015 |  2020  


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