ATC-SEI Advances in Hurricane Engineering Conference

October 24, 2012
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
JW Marriott Marquis Miami
Miami, FL

Findings from a Home Innovation report, "Evaluation of the Wind Pressure Performance of Walls with Exterior Rigid Foam Sheathing," authored by Vladimir Kochkin, Ryan Davies, P.E., Andrew DeRenzis, P.E., will be presented during a panel session moderated by Jay H. Crandell, P.E., in the Building Envelope track of this conference.

This Home Innovation paper presents testing results of framed wall assemblies with rigid foam used as the primary exterior sheathing material. The wall specimens (8’x12’) were tested to failure under dynamic high-frequency pressure histories replicating traces from wind events. Among key conclusions of this research are the significant contribution of interior gypsum to the overall system’s capacity in resisting wind pressures; the role of vinyl siding fasteners in the attachment of foam sheathing; and the impact of air sealing on the systems’ response.

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