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Focus Group & Expert Interviews

Our focus group facility and qualitative research expertise can help inform your marketing decisions.

Expert Home Building Focus Groups & Qualitative Research

In the ever-changing and often volatile residential market, focus groups and in-depth interviews are key research devices to assess your existing market assumptions and establish more accurate customer perceptions, beliefs, and motivations. With our state-of-the-art focus group facility, ready access to highly qualified participants, and unparalleled understanding of the industry, Home Innovation Research Labs is an industry leader in qualitative research. 

A Focus Group to Fit Your Needs

Our experienced and credentialed market researchers can design and conduct focus groups or interviews at a location that meets your schedule and budget, including at our facility near the nation's capital, at traditional focus group facilities, or at construction industry gatherings. 

State-of-the-Art Focus Group Facility

Our market research facility features two focus group suites, each consisting of a meeting room separated from a private observation gallery by one-way glass plus a private client lounge; two smaller-scale group discussion rooms viewable through one-way glass; and multiple plasma screens throughout the suite for viewing. Our technology also allows real-time online streaming of any activity in our facility to accommodate clients with decision makers in multiple locations or limited travel budgets.

Focus Groups at Industry Gatherings  

Respondents for traditional, in-person focus groups are typically limited by geography – you can only include people who live and work in the surrounding area. To break the geography barrier we offer focus groups at regional and national industry conventions and gatherings (such as NAHB's International Builders’ Show) where professionals gather from around the country. This also makes it more feasible to host focus groups of multifamily and high-volume builders – important but niche categories of professionals that are nearly impossible to recruit consistently from a single metro area.

Expert Roundtables

Sometimes the best way to develop targeted marketing solutions or evaluate opportunities is to assemble a group of leading-edge thinkers for a professionally moderated conversation. Our in-house expertise and access to these types of industry leaders allow us to assemble expert roundtable discussions that span the spectrum of market, code, industry, and building science issues. Typical roundtable topics can range from establishing key trends that drive industry change to evaluating the likelihood of market/industry acceptance for innovative products.

In-Person Interviews at Consumer Home Shows

Consumer home shows provide a great opportunity to collect invaluable unfiltered feedback on product samples or advertising copy from homeowners who are planning to remodel. Another benefit is that home shows are held in the spring and fall in virtually every metropolitan area throughout the country, providing ample opportunities to schedule and conduct in-person interviews or surveys in your critical markets.


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Home Innovation Research Labs Lab - Market Research

With multiple focus group suites and an observation gallery overlooking the laboratory floor, our market research facility is unmatched for building product research. 

Market Research Facility
Designed to Fit Your Needs

Check out the floor plan of our unique market research facility.