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Bob Hill, PE
February 7, 2013

Want Product Success? We Can Help

There are plenty of reasons building product manufacturers come to Home Innovation Research Labs for testing. The major reason is to obtain credible third-party data – either for an ICC-ES report, to substantiate claims for marketing or advertising purposes, or for product certification. Other times it is to support product development efforts. And many times it is for a combination of these reasons.

We provide testing for all types of product manufacturers as they bring new products to market. And it is especially rewarding to see a product introduced and become commercially successful when we know our testing played a pivotal role in that success. One such recent product introduction was TruExterior™ Trim by Boral Composites, Inc., which you may have seen favorably reviewed online or in the January 2013 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Boral’s website provides this description: “TruExterior Trim's authentic Poly-ash structure has been developed from nearly 5 years of rigorous internal and third-party testing. Manufactured by combining proprietary polymer chemistry and coal-combustion products (ash); which adds a level of inert properties with virtually no moisture cycling, making it ideal for exterior trim applications. Consisting of more than 70% recycled or rapidly renewable materials, TruExterior Trim is leading the market in true sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

Boral approached the Home Innovation Labs (then the NAHB Research Center) several years ago for testing on a new exterior trim product. Over the course of about two years, the Research Center tested a number of product concept formulations, as well as traditional competitive products. The testing focused on physical properties and durability considerations, including dimensional stability, freeze-thaw, and UV exposure.

“Boral was extremely pleased with the quality of work and the technical assistance that the NAHB Research Center provided," according to Russell Hill, Boral’s vice president and chief technology officer. "We were able to utilize their experience and expertise to independently validate product performance and to provide guidance that ultimately led to a better product offering.”

As we have for nearly 50 years, we stand ready to assist manufacturers with your product development testing needs for a wide range of performance attributes, including structural, durability, and energy performance. Don’t be the “new product on the block” in our extremely competitive residential construction market without the support you need to back you up – let us know how we can help you achieve the commercial success you want for your product.

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Monday, October 17, 2016 7:29 AM
"Nice article. http://www.urspecialtygroup.com/news/affordable-housing-trends/creative-flooring-options-multifamily-buildings/"
Mike Dugger
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 10:10 AM
"Awesome atricle! I'm the Director of LEAN Product and Process Development, a past homebuilder, and the project lead who headed up the BCI's growth initiatives in the past year with a focus on superior quality and improving manufacturing processes that have reduced the costs of this product dramatically and will continue to improve. Please let me know if there are any entrepreneurial opportunities you see that we are not tapping into.

Kind Regards,