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Facts, figures, and trends - oh my! Check out the new NGBS Green annual report.

Cindy Wasser, MBA
February 5, 2016

New Green Advocacy Tool Hot Off the Presses: NGBS Green Annual Report

At last month’s International Builders’ Show, Home Innovation Research Labs debuted its inaugural green certification program annual report, “NGBS Green: A Better Place to Call Home.” The report provides a new advocacy quill in the quiver of builders and verifiers around the country hoping to promote more choice in the marketplace in regions where green building is required by code.

The report highlights the progress of Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification program for 2014-2015, as well as providing information on some of the program’s significant milestones on its path from a start-up in 2009 to the industry’s program of choice today. It was developed to provide both a solid baseline understanding of what NGBS Green is, as well as illuminate some of the lesser-known aspects of the program.

NGBS Green Certification Activity By Year

Annual Report shows the rapid growth of NGBS Green Certification – from start-up to #1 in just seven years!

Feature items in the annual report include:

  • Forewards from Michael Luzier, President & CEO of Home Innovation Research Labs, and Troy Johns, Owner of Urban NW Homes and Chairman of the NGBS Green Advisory Group
  • Marketable benefits of NGBS Green certification
  • Milestones on the path to 50,000 NGBS Green Certified Homes
  • NGBS Green program stats and figures
  • Information on NGBS.com – the newly-launched consumer portal for finding NGBS Green Certified homes
  • Descriptions of atypical residential projects – student housing, military housing, supportive housing/shelters, and rescue squad facilities
  • Overview on strides being made on green home appraisals
  • Existing incentives for NGBS Green projects
  • NGBS Green Partner profiles

Top 10 States for NGBS Green Certification Activity in 2015

The report gives a thumbnail “NGBS Green By the Numbers” to show where the program has experienced the most activity recently.

Home Innovation hopes this report and those to come in future years will equip residential building industry partners with the facts and insights to build the case for truly green, cost-effective, rigorous home certification.

This is just the latest advocacy tool Home Innovation has made available to its program partners – be sure to explore the others. Feel free to link to and/or disseminate the NGBS Green Annual Report or any of our other resources broadly. If you have specific advocacy uses for the report in your area, even better! Let us know if there’s any way we can support your efforts.

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"Great article.

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