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This is not your father's data report! Upgrades in level of detail, sample size, and compatibility.

Ed Hudson, MBA
September 20, 2017

Exciting New Upgrades for Annual Builder & Consumer Practices Reports

Home Innovation Research Labs has been conducting our annual surveys of both builders and consumers for decades. Over time, we’ve adapted and augmented both the content and the options available to our customers to meet the rapidly changing needs of their businesses and adapt to changes within the residential construction industry. This year, we’ve added some of the most exciting and beneficial upgrades ever to our offerings. See below for details on the latest advancements.

County-Level Data Reported

This level of reporting now provides nearly limitless ability to create customizable geographic markets to analyze. This includes metropolitan areas, micropolitan areas, special sales territories, climate zones, wind or seismic zones—and any others that run along county lines.

Formatted for Business Intelligence (BI) and Visualization Software

In addition to our standard tabular formats, our data users are experiencing outstanding results using the data we provide in their preferred Business Analytics and Data Visualization software. This further enhances your opportunities to create custom reports that include a boundless choice of charts, graphics, and maps.

Sample MSA tabulation of Home Innovation’s Annual Builder & Consumer Practices Report data; Brand usage.

Sample MSA tabulation of Home Innovation’s Annual Builder & Consumer Practices Report data; Brand usage.

Larger Sample Size

This year, we doubled our Consumer Practices Survey sample – from 55,000 respondents in 2016, to 110,000 respondents in 2017! This will greatly enhance your ability to analyze and have confidence in building material and product usage estimates at more targeted geographic levels.

As always, we have over 40 report categories to cover the needs of nearly every type of building product and material producer. For those who’ve purchased and used our data in the past to enhance their business and marketing planning, you’ll now get even more benefit from this rich resource. For those who’ve never experienced our data reports, now is a great time to take advantage of all they have to offer and apply the benefits to your business. Contact us today to find out how to get started.

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