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Alternatives to traditional housewrap making small but steady gains.

Ed Hudson, MBA
September 19, 2019

That’s a Wrap: Housewrap Trends in the Residential Market

During this week’s Housewrap 2019 conference in Ft. Lauderdale, I presented, “Trends and Opportunities in the Residential Housewrap Market.” The presentation included information from our Annual Builder Practices Reports and Annual Consumer Practices Reports. Some topline findings that garnered the most interested included:

  • The majority of the housewrap and weather-resistant barrier (WRB) market is in new homes—about 60 percent of housewrap/WRB material is installed on new homes; the remainder is installed primarily on homes being re-sided.
  • DuPont’s Tyvek continues to dominate with nearly half the housewrap and WRB installations in new homes. They established leadership in technology and education early and have maintained that leadership for decades.
  • Traditional mechanically-attached housewraps still make up more than two-thirds of all housewrap and WRB materials installed, but alternatives are making inroads. 
  • Combination WRB and structural sheathing panels, such as Huber’s ZIP System and GP’s ForceField, now make up about 10% of this market among new homes.
  • Self-adhered membranes are now approaching 10% of the market, as well. 
  • Fluid-applied membranes now constitute about 3% of new home housewrap/WRB installations. 
  • Alternatives to traditional housewrap are found more extensively on higher-end homes and multifamily buildings.

Regional Volumes of Housewrap by New Homes and Remodeling (2018)

This is just a sample of the product market data we’ve collected and I presented. For the detailed presentation, click on the image above.

Interested in this type of market analysis for your building product or system? Data are available now for metro and county level housewrap installations, as well as state, regions, and national totals.
Or is there a marketing trend topic you’d like Home Innovation to explore and present to your industry group? Get in touch to let me know.

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