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Deanna Williams Seale, PE
March 4, 2022

#WillItCorrode: Stick A Fork in It

This year, the Home Innovation lab team is on a mission to test some everyday gadgets in our salt spray chamber to find out #willitcorrode. Typically, we test products such as nails, screws, anchor bolts, bollards, stair nosing, gutter clips, ladders, cable, baluster, hand railing, support systems for curtain walls, etc. But we have decided to mix it up a little with this experiment to emphasize the practical nature of this type of testing.

First up, we tested an 18-0 stainless steel heavy weight dinner fork. In the world of stainless steel there are several different types: 18-10, 18-8 and 18-0. Each is classified by the percent of chrome and nickel in the steel. 18/0 stainless steel has 18% chrome and 0% nickel. Does nickel effect the corrosion resistance of stainless steel? See for yourself…

#WillItCorrode: 18-0 Stainless Steel Fork. After 1 month of exposure of the 18-0 stainless steel fork to salt fog, results document Stage 2 corrosion (flakes of metal become loose and fall off).

Corrosion 101 (In Case You’re a Little Rusty!)

Corrosion is the process of decay on a material caused by a chemical reaction to its environment. The reaction is typically in the form of oxidation. Corrosion of metal occurs when an exposed surface comes in contact with a gas or liquid, and the process is accelerated by exposure to warm temperatures, humidity, salts, and acids. Corrosion can cause dangerous and costly damage to everything from fasteners and pipelines to vehicles and bridges.

Why It Matters

Because all metals are susceptible to corrosion, it is a serious issue for construction and safety. Some metals, such as pure iron, corrode quickly; while others, like stainless steel that combines iron and other alloys, is slower to corrode. For building product manufacturers, it’s imperative to know how long your materials will retain a passing structural performance under expected environmental conditions. Home Innovation offers a full range of durability and weather resistance testing, including corrosion testing, to ensure the performance of metals and coatings.

ascott S1000 Salt Fog Testing Machine
Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Chamber in Home Innovation's Product Testing & Certification Lab.

Corrosion testing is an important step in determining the suitability of materials for their intended use. Home Innovation Research Labs can help discover how your product holds up to corrosive forces. Don’t corrode your customers’ confidence in your products! Get in touch today to schedule your product’s time in our salt spray chamber




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