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Get to know the NGBS Green PROs!

Katie Dorn
May 5, 2023

NGBS Green PRO Spotlight: Veronika Maynard-Simon

The Green PRO Spotlight is an ongoing blog series written by Green Program Associate, Katie Dorn. Learn more about the diverse professional backgrounds of the NGBS Green PROS and how it benefitted their work. Stay tuned for the rest of the series to get to know more of our PROs!

About Veronika

Veronika Maynard-Simon

“The NGBS Green PRO training helped me gain a more in depth understanding about the NGBS Green program. By undergoing the training and earning the designation, I now have a stronger knowledge of the technical practices and details of the NGBS project that I work with.”

Veronika is the Multifamily & Commercial Team Coordinator at Southern Energy Management (SEM), a solar installation, green building and energy efficiency service company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Veronika has a B.A in Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a M.S. in Climate Change & Society from North Carolina State University. Veronika has extensive experience in administrative support and office management. She has also worked at community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms, gardens, and nurseries. Outside of work, Veronika enjoys growing a variety of fresh produce in her hobby garden.

At SEM, Veronika works on the multifamily and commercial team to help clients and assist SEM project managers with achieving energy and green building certifications. Veronika supports verification and certification of NGBS Green projects by registering projects and coordinating with clients for agreements and certificates of insurance. During the NGBS Green PRO training, Veronika enjoyed learning about the Land Development certification and about the different compliance pathway options for Chapter 7. She believes that the training strengthened her overall knowledge of the NGBS Green program and helped her gain a deeper understanding of the program’s versatility through the different certifications offered. Veronika has found the information that she learned from the training extremely valuable for all of the NGBS projects that she works on.

About Southern Energy Management (SEM)

Southern Energy Management has a team of over 130 building scientists, solar professionals, and entrepreneurs dedicated to improving the way the world makes and uses energy. SEM is a Certified B Corporation with a mission, “to improve the way people make and use energy while building a prosperous company that supports people and the planet.” SEM has certified about 450 multifamily buildings and over 4,000 single-family homes as NGBS Green.

About NGBS Green PRO Designation

NGBS Green PRO is a professional designation that validates expertise in green design, construction, and building certification. Successful completion of the NGBS Green PRO training showcases your expertise of sustainable buildings and designates you as a green professional. Individuals who have successfully earned the designation have an advanced understanding of the ICC 700-2020 National Green Building Standard® and the NGBS Green certification program. To earn the designation and become an NGBS Green PRO, an individual must complete four training modules and pass a test for each. To see all of our current NGBS Green PROs, visit the Green PRO Directory.

Interested in becoming an NGBS Green Pro? Contact us.

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