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Building the ultimate fire testing lab.

J. Michael Luzier
February 14, 2024

Fire is Catching at Home Innovation Research Labs

Home Innovation Research Labs is achieving a significant milestone in its commitment to advancing product safety with the completion of a state-of-the-art fire testing lab. Scheduled for an official opening in May 2024, this facility represents a substantial investment in research and development to enhance the safety and fire resistance of building materials and systems.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the lab will provide over two dozen fire tests used to measure wall and floor ratings, flame spread, flammability, combustibility, and more. This versatility enables manufacturers to conduct all necessary fire testing under one roof, streamlined by a dedicated team of engineers. 

Panoramic view of the Home Innovation Fire Lab showing 5 large-scale fire testing furnaces

Lab Director Deanna Seale, expresses her enthusiasm for the facility's potential impact, stating, "Our new Fire Testing Lab marks a significant milestone in Home Innovation's commitment to excellence in product and material testing. With its large-scale fire testing capability, this state-of-the-art facility reflects our dedication to innovation, ensuring the highest level of precision in evaluating and improving the fire resistance of building materials. We are positioned to be the industry’s go-to destination for advancing safety standards, fostering a safer future for construction."

The lab has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on client experience, featuring an efficient layout of seven furnaces with the most advanced technology in the market and implementing comprehensive environmental controls to safeguard sensitive equipment and processes, ensuring accurate and reliable test results. Additionally, a comprehensive pollution control system prevents harmful emissions to provide the most environmentally clean testing. 

Home Innovation Research Labs President and CEO, Mike Luzier, shares insights into the organization's strategic vision, stating, "The completion of our Fire Testing Lab is a significant milestone for Home Innovation. It underscores our commitment to providing industry manufacturers with the vital resources to develop better, safer, and more resilient building products. We believe this facility will become a hub for cutting-edge research and collaboration, driving advancements that will benefit the entire residential construction community."

The facility is set to host an opening celebration on May 10, 2024, extending invitations to industry professionals, government officials, and the media. This event aims to provide a firsthand look at the innovative facility’s impact on the future of building safety. Learn more about Home Innovation's fire lab at homeinnovation.com/fire

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