Be sure to catch Ed at NAHB's Building Systems Housing Summit!

The When & Where Offsite Construction Technologies Will Emerge

October 8, 2019
8:15 am - 8:45 am (Eastern)
2019 Building Systems Housing Summit
Pittsburgh, PA

Where is offsite construction heading this year? What are industry trends coming over the next five years? Home Innovation Research Labs, an independent subsidiary of The National Association of Home Builders, recently surveyed 300 U.S. home builders about their plans to adopt a wide variety of building systems. Learn from Home Innovation's Director of Market Research Ed Hudson how builders across the country are planning to implement systems-built technologies including data broken down by region, building type and manufacturing method.

The Building Systems Housing Summit is the industry’s premier conference dedicated to off-site construction. Through focused education sessions, led by industry experts, you can immediately put key takeaways into practice to strategically build your business. Network with builders, manufacturers and suppliers of modular, panelized, concrete, log and timber frame homes to discover emerging systems-built housing trends, and forge valuable connections to find solutions to your biggest challenges and position your business for continued growth.