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Top NGBS Green Verifiers & Advisory Group Convene to Share Program Insights, Business Opps

July 24, 2017 | Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Hosts Most Experienced NGBS Green Verifier for Annual Retreat

Last week, 30 of the top NGBS Green Verifiers from around the country convened for a two-day meeting and strategic planning session at Home Innovation Research Labs, marking the largest meeting of this type to date. This is the sixth year Home Innovation has hosted the invitation-only Retreat, and each year it is an opportunity for staff and Verifiers to discuss NGBS Green policies, processes, requirements, and business opportunities. This year's attendees had an opportunity to learn more about the WER Index from EPA's Olga Cano and NRDC's Ed Osan, engage with Fannie Mae staff on new multifamily financing products for green certified building renovations, learn about modular certification paths for multifamily, get an update on appraisal issues, and hear from Bob Burns how his company, Pivotal Energy Solutions, is helping us eliminate the MLS reporting and related valuation barriers.

2017 NGBS Green Verifier Retreat and Advisory Group Meeting

Pictured: 2017 Verifier Retreat Attendees - Kyle Abney, Steve Armstrong, Dondi Atwell, James Ball, Tim Barranco, Kat Benner, Brad Bray, Michael Browne, Karla Butterfield, Sara Collier, Rachel DellaValle, Stephen Evanko, Aaron Gary, Joe Gordon, Jamie Hager, Glenn Haydu, Christin Kappel, Jason LaFleur, Phil Larocque, Aaron McEwin, Peter McGuire, Kent Mitchell, Janice Romanosky, Chris Schwarzkopf, Carl Seville, Andrea Shoaf, Drew Smith, Kuntal Thakkar, Jeremy Velasquez, and Jane Willeboordse - along with members of the NGBS Green Advisory Group, who met at Home Innovation July 18-19.

NGBS Green was conceived as a green building certification program that would create tangible value for builders and developers who design and build sustainable, high-performance homes and apartment buildings," said Michelle Foster, Home Innovation's Vice President of Innovation Services and director of the certification program. "Our goal was a green certification that builders want, not a mandate. A large part of the program’s success in delivering sought-after value is rigorous verification performed by our Verifiers who lend their insights to help improve the program and enhance the quality of services they provide to the industry.”

Over the next few months, Home Innovation staff will consider input provided by the Verifier participants, and determine how to implement the resultant NGBS Green program improvements. Thanks to all those who attended this year's event and help us continue to make NGBS Green the best program it can be.

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