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NGBS Green hits another big milestone – 200,000 certified homes!

December 13, 2019 | Upper Marlboro, MD

Here We Grow Again!

Home Innovation Research Labs Celebrates 200,000 NGBS Green Certified Homes

Today, Home Innovation Research Labs reached (and surpassed) the 200,000th NGBS Green Certified home! The project that tipped the ticker over 200K was the Mission Lofts community in Riverside, Calif., comprised of both apartments and townhomes. The project was built and developed by REALM, a new-comer to the NGBS Green program – quite a way to make an entrance! The NGBS Green Verifier on the project was Moe Fakih of VCA Green in Orange, Calif.

200K NGBS Green Certification

This significant milestone provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on what a game-changer the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) rating system has been for both builders and consumers over its 10-year history. For builders, it has provided an accessible and practical national standard to define and measure green homes. It has created a rigorous yet affordable choice for third-party certification. And, because of the Standard’s flexibility on the points a builder can select to adapt to local market needs, it has helped builders of all types and sizes provide comprehensively green homes to mainstream buyers across the country. With the introduction of the 2020 NGBS, the certification will also be opened to mixed use buildings of all sizes.

Due to the rigor of the NGBS, it has also provided consumers a level of confidence that they are getting an independently verified healthier and more comfortable home – and they can find all NGBS Green Certified homes, apartments, and participating builders and remodelers on NGBS.com, Home Innovation’s consumer-facing website. In the coming months, various high points of the journey to 200,000 NGBS Green Certified homes will be featured on NGBS.com, as well as an overview of the new options available with the introduction of the 2020 standard.

NGBS Green has become the green certification program of choice for the residential construction industry. If you’re not currently building homes to be NGBS Green Certified, now’s a perfect time to start – with the first 200,000+ homes already certified, you won’t have the uncertainty of being the “first kid on the block” to do it. Just don’t let yourself be the last. Whatever type of home you build and wherever you build it, NGBS Green has a certification for it. Find out how to build your success on ours by visiting HomeInnovation.com/NGBSGreen today.

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ABOUT: Home Innovation Research Labs, located in Upper Marlboro, Md., is a full-service research, testing, and consulting firm determined to improve the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of single- and multifamily homes and home building products – in short, we aim to perfect the home. Founded in 1964 as a subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), our team has been integral in solving many of our client’s most difficult product and technology issues, and helping to introduce some of the most groundbreaking innovations in residential construction. Through an interdisciplinary research approach – including market research, building science analysis, laboratory testing, and standards development – we help to find a home for innovation in the residential construction industry.

NOTE TO EDITORS ON STYLE USAGE: To identify this company and its work correctly, first reference should be "Home Innovation Research Labs." In subsequent mentions, "Home Innovation Labs” or simply “Home Innovation” are acceptable and accurate alternative references; we are not identified by an acronym. Prior to February 12, 2013, the company was known as the NAHB Research Center.