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Congratulations to these 66 influential partners of the NGBS Green program.

May 3, 2024 | Upper Marlboro, MD

Home Innovation Research Labs Recognizes 2023 NGBS Green Partners of Excellence

Home Innovation is proud to recognize 66 NGBS Green Partners for their outstanding contributions to advancing green building in their communities. These individuals and businesses have been awarded the Partner of Excellence title as a testament to their commitment to voluntary, above-code, third-party certification of high-performance homes to the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS). 

The NGBS Green program has certified over half a million homes – more than any other residential green certification program in the United States. Dedicated efforts from all of our partners, and especially those recognized below, have driven the program’s momentum over the years. This group represents the incredible diversity of home designs certified by the program, including those from affordable to luxury, student to assisted living, single family to high-rise apartments, and everything in between. While each home is sustainable and high-performing, many have been developed with zero energy or net zero water use, resilient construction, and wellness-focused features. 

Partners of Excellence are recognized in several categories: Multifamily Builders & Developers, Single Family Builders & Developers, Verifiers, and Industry Advocates. Legacy (**) recipients have been awarded for 5 or more consecutive years and Rising Star (*) recipients are being awarded for the first time. Criteria for recognition include certification volume, advocacy, commitment to quality, and contributions to the program. 

Multifamily Builders & Developers

Single Family Builders & Developers

Accredited NGBS Green Verifiers

  • Kyle Abney, Master Verifier, Abney + Abney Green Solutions - Palm City, FL**
  • Steven Armstrong, Master Verifier, Performance Point, LLC - Harrisburg, NC**
  • Dondi Atwell, Verifier, ATS Engineers, Inspectors & Surveyors - Austin, TX**
  • Karla Butterfield, Master Verifier, Steven Winter Associates - Norwalk, CT**
  • Laurie Colwander, Verifier, Southern Energy Management - Raleigh, NC**
  • Stephen Evanko, Master Verifier, Dominion Due Diligence Group - Midlothian, VA**
  • Joseph Gordon, Verifier, Joe Gordon LLC - Georgetown, DE**
  • Philip LaRocque, Master Verifier, LaRocque Business Mgmt. Services - Averill Park, NY**
  • Aaron McEwin, Master Verifier, Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc. - Plano, TX**
  • Chris Schwarzkopf, Master Verifier, Energy Diagnostics, Inc. - Valparaiso, IN**
  • Carl Seville, Master Verifier, SK Collaborative, LLC - Decatur, GA**
  • Drew Smith, Master Verifier, Two Trails, Inc. - Parrish, FL**
  • Drew Wallace, Verifier, Econsultants, LLC - Columbia, MO**
  • Scott Atkinson, Master Verifier, Sustainable Building Partners - Fairfax, VA
  • Tim Barranco, Verifier, Lorax Partnerships, LLC - Baltimore, MD
  • Joe Baumann, Master Verifier, SK Collaborative, LLC - Decatur, GA
  • Brad Bray, Master Verifier, Essential Construction Consultants - Highland Village, TX
  • Jamie Carr, Master Verifier, Eco Achievers - Chicago, IL
  • Tim Hansen, Verifier, The Green Home Advantage LLC - Shreveport, LA
  • Christin Kappel, Master Verifier, Energy Diagnostics, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN
  • Abe Kruger, Verifier, SK Collaborative - Decatur, GA
  • Blake McClallen, Verifier, Econsultants, LLC - Columbia, MO
  • Patrick Robertson, Verifier, The Performance Point - Harrisburg, NC
  • Augusto Velázquez, Verifier, AVA Environmental Consultants, Inc. - San Juan, PR
  • Grant Warner, Master Verifier, Southern Energy Management - Raleigh, NC
  • Bennett Anderson, Verifier, Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc. - Plano, TX*
  • William Castrillion, Verifier, NW Energy Collaborative - Portland, OR*
  • Julie Christesen, Verifier, ES Green & Co, LLC - Tallahassee, FL*

Industry Advocates

For more information on this year’s NGBS Green Partners of Excellence, or about the certification program in general, visit www.HomeInnovation.com/Green.

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