Sample Consumer Practices Report - 2008 Solar Technology Data

Home Innovation Research Labs Annual Builder and Consumer Practices Reports provide market demand data for building product and material usage in the United States and Canada. Market demand data on home improvement, maintenance, and repair purchases is obtained through the Consumer Practices Survey (CPS), an annual online survey of U.S. and Canadian households. The survey results are tabulated to show demand for building products and materials purchased for the repair and remodeling industry. These reports also provide key information on purchasing and installation practices, as well as demographic information of the respondents. For many years, the CPS was fielded as a mail-based survey that received about 8,000 responses from owner-occupied households. In 2003, Home Innovation Research Labs expanded the CPS to capture data on remodeling projects in renter-occupied houses and implemented online fielding of the survey, yielding more than 46,000 usable responses. 

This is a sample Consumer Practices Report from our 2008 survey focused on solar housing technology usage. For more information on our Annual Builder and Consumer Practices Reports, contact us.

2008 Consumer Practices Report - Solar
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