A Builder's Guide: Extended Plate & Beam Wall System

Extended Plate and Beam (EP&B) is an advanced wall system developed by Home Innovation Research Labs (HI). The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, Forest Products Labs and DOW Chemical have partnered with HI to test and optimize the system, and now bring you this guide with all the information you need to build a high-performing wall at reasonable cost and effort that meets or exceeds Energy Code prescriptive insulation requirements for all U.S. climate zones.

EP&B is based on tried-and-true lumber construction methodologies, integrating rigid foam sheathing with standard framing practices into a system that preserves many conventional construction features and minimizes builder risk. The EP&B wall sys-tem is composed of familiar wall materials but in a different configuration.

A Builder's Guide - Extended Plate & Beam Wall System - 2016
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