Evaluation of Test Method for Assessing the Propensity for a Subfloor Fastener to Cause Floor Squeaks

Historically, floor squeaks have been a significant “call back” problem for home builders. Homebuyers do not want to hear squeaking sounds as they walk across the floor of their newly constructed home. There are a number of causes of floor squeaks. The most prominent cause is due to relative movement between the subfloor material and the fastener, resulting in squeaks. Traditional fasteners initially hold the subfloor firmly to the supporting floor joist and relative movement is prevented. However, over time gaps are created and relative movement often occurs.

This report provides evaluation of a test method that can be used to determine if a subfloor fastener is likely to squeak. ITW Paslode developed a test method and contracted with Home Innovation Research Labs to evaluate and validate the test method. 

Squeak Test Method Evaluation Report
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