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Cindy Wasser, MBA
January 7, 2021

Commercial Product Manufacturers — Get Your Products NGBS Green Certified

Since 2009, Home Innovation Research Labs has certified homes and multifamily buildings of all sizes to the National Green Building Standard® (NGBS). Within the last 10 years, Home Innovation became the top-rated and most widely-used green certification program for multifamily developments, distinguished for the program’s rigor, flexibility, and affordability.

With the release of the 2020 NGBS, the scope of Home Innovation’s NGBS Green Certification is expanded, making the program even more relevant to the multifamily and commercial sectors of the construction industry.

  • Expanded building eligibility: The definition of “residential” was expanded to include all Group R occupancies as defined by the International Building Code, as well as hotels, assisted living, residential board and care facilities, and group homes classified as I-1 occupancy.
  • Mixed-Use Building Certification: Mixed-use buildings with at least 50% residential occupancy can seek certification of the commercial space to ensure that the entire building — not just the residential portions — can be marketed as NGBS Green Certified.

What does this mean for product manufacturers?

Residential Building Products
Residential building products that contribute to a home or building earning NGBS Green Certification have always been eligible for green product certification. The NGBS covers a wide range of green building practices related to lot design and construction, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. This has meant that diverse residential building materials, appliances, energy and water management systems, HVAC equipment, irrigation and landscaping are eligible for a credible third-party green certification.

Commercial Building Products
Under the new 2020 NGBS, most products intended for commercial applications are now eligible to be certified and recognized for their contribution toward residential spaces complying with the NGBS. In addition, the Commercial Spaces compliance pathway also introduced many new practices that refer to commercial building products, appliances, and fixtures. Examples of new products eligible for certification include commercial clothes washers, food service equipment, roll-out entry mats, service water heating systems, and more. (You can find a complete list of the practices and related products that can be submitted for NGBS Green Certification on our “Get Listed” page.)

NGBS Green Certification can help manufacturers reach multifamily and mixed-use builders and developers. Products are searchable by participating builders and design professionals on our website and actively promoted to program partners through our website and newsletter features. Certified products receive a third-party green certificate and access to certification marks to utilize in product marketing.

Interested in learning more about how NGBS Green Certification can help you market and sell your building products designed for multifamily and mixed-use applications? Download the NGBS Green Certified Products Overview & Application Resources document from our “Get Listed” page and contact me to discuss. 

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