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New professional designation allows NGBS Green PROs to promote their expertise.

Pam Barksdale
February 16, 2022

Got The Stuff to be an NGBS Green PRO? PROve it!

Home Innovation Launches New Professional Designation Option for
Builders, Developers, Owners, Appraisers, Contractors, Architects,
and Real Estate Professionals 


Are you interested in learning more about a green building certification for homes, apartments, and mixed-use buildings that is affordable, credible, and provides tangible value? Maybe you have heard about the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 (NGBS) but need to know more? Wondering how your projects can earn NGBS Green certification?  

If you answered yes to any of the above, our new training and professional designation, NGBS Green PRO, is designed just for you. This new offering explains how the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 can help you build or remodel green, high-performing buildings. There are four training modules, all AIA and ICC approved so you can earn continuing education credits. Each of the four modules can stand alone and will eventually be offered separately, but you’ll get the best educational “bang for your buck” if you complete all four as a comprehensive set. After completing the four modules and passing the tests you can earn the NGBS Green PRO professional designation. 

About the National Green Building Standard

It all started with the 2008 NGBS being approved as an ANSI American National Standard and part of the ICC suite of international building codes, making it the first of its kind to attain ANSI approval. Since then, the NGBS has become the leading green building standard for residentially-used buildings in the United States and the Caribbean. At the onset of the NGBS Green certification program, we were frequently asked if there was a professional designation available for building industry professionals, similar to the LEED-AP training; for many years, we demurred. 

There were a couple reasons behind this decision to hold off. First, because the NGBS is written in simple, straightforward code language, one of its hallmarks has always been that it is easy for design and construction professionals to understand how buildings can comply. Second, the NGBS has never required an “NGBS Green professional” on the project team for a building to earn certification. These characteristics have proven to be significant benefits for our NGBS Green participants in streamlining the certification process

However, as time has passed and the program has grown – now with over 300,000 homes certified to date, we recognize the value of offering a comprehensive professional designation for those who want to learn more about NGBS Green and promote their NGBS expertise to prospective clients. We also recognized the value in offering a course that satisfies this continuing education need of many industry professions, such as architects and code officials, we. 

About NGBS Green PRO Training

NGBS Green PRO is available online, 24/7. Once you sign up for the modules, you have 90 days to complete the training and all four tests. Each module runs approximately an hour – but you can take the training at your own pace when it’s convenient with your schedule. Before you start the training, each module will suggest the reference materials that will be useful to get the most out of it. The goal at the end of the training is to have a league of professionals that better understand the NGBS and the role it plays to promote and verify high-performing homes and multifamily buildings.

When the training is completed successfully, individuals earn the NGBS Green PRO designation and bragging rights as an NGBS expert. Below is an overview of what is covered in each of the four modules.

NGBS Green PRO Module One provides an overview of Home Innovation Research Labs, who we are and what we do. It will also help you better understand the National Green Building Standard and why the NGBS was developed. This module covers NGBS compliance for the design and construction of new homes, townhomes, multifamily buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

NGBS Green PRO Module Two details how multifamily and mixed-use buildings can earn NGBS Green certification demonstrating their conformance with the NGBS’s requirements. You will also learn about the 2020 NGBS’s expanded scope which allows more building occupancies to be eligible for certification and understand how the NGBS improves the design, construction and performance of homes and multifamily buildings.

NGBS Green PRO Module Three explains how retail and commercial spaces in mixed-use multifamily buildings can earn NGBS Green certification. Certification of the non-residential space in multifamily buildings is a new voluntary option in the 2020 NGBS. Module Three also covers certification of land developments and the new water efficiency performance compliance path called the Water Rating Index (WRI). Last, you will the learn about NGBS Green+ Badges available for buildings that go above and beyond what is required for NGBS compliance for performance in six performance areas. NGBS Green+ certification badges can be earned for Resilience, Smart Home, Net Zero Energy, Zero Water, Universal Design, and Wellness.

NGBS Green PRO Module Four focuses on the NGBS Green verification and certification process. You will learn what to expect during the process from a client perspective. More than the other modules, this one will help ensure that your project successfully earns NGBS Green certification as it explains the process step-by-step. 

While the modules will eventually be able to be taken separately, we are launching the NGBS Green PRO designation to those individuals who are interested in all four modules to be eligible to earn the professional designation. And we already have plans to add additional modules on topics such as green building valuation and marketing sustainable real estate assets.

NGBS Green PRO is a great way to dive into your 2022 New Year’s resolutions for a greener and more sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming you into the NGBS Green PRO family of experts!

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