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Looking back on a great year; moving forward to a greener Earth.

Michelle Foster
April 22, 2022

Earth Day Reflections: Looking Back on 2021

Growth & Accomplishments of NGBS Green Certification

Today, on Earth Day 2022, everyone is taking rightful stock of the world around them and the impact they have on it. For NGBS Green, that’s not just something we do one day a year – it’s our full-time mission and purpose. But, we figured today was a great opportunity to take a look back at all the NGBS Green certification program did in 2021 to help move the needle further toward creating a better, more sustainable, healthier, and more fulfilling built environment for the places where we all live.

Here’s a peak behind the scenes at what we did to help the program and our NGBS Green Partners grow and succeed…

2021 NGBS Green Behind the Scenes Infographic 

And here's a snapshot of the important results brought about by that “behind the scenes” work…

2021 NGBS Green Stats Infographic 

Is an affordable, rigorous, sustainable green building certification program already a part of your Earth Day reflections? If not, make today the day you add it! Find our more about NGBS Green certification – visit www.HomeInnovation.com/Green.

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