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Thermal Test Equipment

Home building product thermal testing - R-value, ASTM C518, ASTM C1363, ASTM E96.

Thermal Test Equipment

Large-Scale Hot Box

Our calibrated hot box is one of the largest in the country accepting test assemblies up to 9’x16’. Its design allows any orientation from fully vertical to fully horizontal with heat flow in either direction. Temperatures as high as 150°F or as low as 20°F are possible.

Heat Flow Meters

Our ASTM C518 thermal conductivity tests are run in our LaserComp Fox 600 machines. The Fox accepts test specimens 24”x24” by up to 8 inches thick.

Loose Fill Blowing Machine

To evaluate loose fill insulation materials, Home Innovation Labs employs a Unisol Volu-Matic III commercial blowing machine.



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