Look for the NGBS Green Marks!

Anyone can say they build green. Be sure it's truly green. Look for "NGBS Green."

Our Mark Matters!

Think you're looking at a green home or apartment? How can you be sure? Look for the third-party certification of Home Innovation Research Labs. Builders, remodelers, and developers who are actively participating in the NGBS Green certification program are able to display the Home Innovation NGBS Green Registered (i.e., "in process") or Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified marks on their homes. These marks mean independent, accredited NGBS Green Verifiers will inspect to ensure every home meets the rigorous requirements of the National Green Building Standard ICC-700 (NGBS).


With an NGBS Green Certified home, you can know you are truly "going green" with your home choice. Much more than mere logos, our certification marks are a promise -- a promise that you're getting a smarter investment, a healthier home, all resulting in a happier you! If you are looking to buy a green single-family home, rent a green apartment, or remodel the home where you currently live,  browse through the listings on NGBS.com. Once you identify an NGBS Green Partner near you with offerings you like, reach out and tell them you are interested in finding a better place to call home ... a Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified home.



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